Stratford Court Leeds
Sector Elderly Housing
Client unity housing association
Value £2.8 million

Being within Chapel Allerton’s Conservation Area, the proposed scheme has developed from extensive discussion with the Planner and Conservation Officer.

The new development takes a ‘U’-shaped form around an existing Copper Beech tree. Bungalows are located around the tree. The development is therefore comparable in height to the demolished building, which was a single-storey, 12 bedsit, sheltered housing scheme that had reached the end of its useful life. These bungalows are set behind an existing high stone wall to the south. This feature is replicated along School Lane to the east by the construction of a new stone wall, which gives a strong boundary to the site and puts back a historic feature that has been removed.

The rest of the development takes the form of an inverted ‘U’ with apartments clustered around a south facing courtyard. To achieve the required number of units to satisfy the client, but achieve the relationship in height between the new and existing buildings to satisfy the planners, the courtyard is sunken. The new development is therefore a mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4-storey and achieves 28 units.

The building has been designed to be in-keeping with the conservation area of Chapel Allerton with traditional features and materials